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Check mate: How to easily embrace the checkered trend

By Rebecca Thandi Norman

Photo: Getty

Searches for the checkerboard pattern are up 160 percent on Pinterest, proving the '60s-inspired print is not just for street stylers. Here are Vogue Scandinavia's tips for embracing the trend in all aspects of your life from fashion and accessories to interiors

Lately, the checkered trend has been hard to miss. Look through a fashion magazine, interior magazine, or Instagram and you'll quickly come across checkerboard trousers, shoes, and decor items aplenty. While it’s far from the first time this pattern has been the trend du jour across fashion and design, thanks to social media its reach is more ubiquitous than ever before.


Danish designer Stine Goya, whose iteration of the trend, including bright or pastel colours and textural elements such as knitwear, has become one of the most popular of the moment, explains why she think the pattern continues to delight. “The checkered trend keeps coming back because it is such a simple yet bold pattern that immediately draws your eye and adds a playful touch - and has done consistently over decades. Similarly to the swinging sixties and grungey nineties, we are living in times where pop culture plays such a big role and has so much influence on our everyday lives.”