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"The dinner table is the starting point for everything I do" Meet the artist: Charlotte Birnbaum

By Saskia Neuman
Charlotte Birnbaum

Photo: Wolfgang Günzel

The Stockholm-born artist and food historian discusses her love for epicurean-inspired sculpture.

Known for her great sense of personal style and gorgeous hairdos, along with a quick wit and an immense appetite for literature, Charlotte Birnbaum is effervescent. Often smiling, her arms stretch out to you, reaching for a hug, or to kiss you on the cheek.


We meet in Stockholm, where she was born and raised before spending much of her adult life in Frankfurt and New York. Today, she splits her time between Sweden's capital and London, but clearly still has a great deal of affection for her hometown. It's here that her next major exhibition is set to open in a gallery run by Eva Livijn, yet Birnbaum admits she is still getting used to being tagged as an artist. "Actually, I still wonder if that’s what I am," she reflects. "In recent years my creations have been shown in galleries and even museums, so I am getting used to being called one."

Elisabet, 2018, Charlotte Birnbaum. Photo: Thomas Rydin

Charlotte Birnbaum's plateaux on display at the London House of Modernity. Photo: Thomas Rydin

Charlotte Birnbaum

The Yellow Dolphin, Charlotte Birnbaum. Photo: Thomas Rydin