Missed out last time? Now's your chance to nab a pair of Cecilie Bahnsen's Asics sneakers

By Clare McInerney

The first drop in July of the Danish designer's sneaker collab, described as 'everyday couture', sold out in two minutes

Probably the prettiest sneakers you could ever imagine, Cecilie Bahnsen's Asics trainers are the proverbial hot cakes of the sneaker world. We were first introduced to the GT-2160 trainer when the collaboration's first drop exploded across the internet in July – available for a fleeting moment before selling out in a matter of minutes.

If you weren't quick enough to snap up a pair back then, you're in luck now. The second of two drops is coming later this month – offering two unique new iterations of the GT-2160.

In keeping with Bahnsen's signature confectionary frocks, saccharine palettes and ethereal details, the Asics trainers are decorated with three-dimensional textures and embellishments that mirror the Danish designer's fairytale DNA. The shoe's strap details are carried over from the first drop, but this time, interpreted with a more functional and sporty look.

Mark your calendars now: the second drop of Cecilie Bahnsen's Asics will launch on and selected retailers globally on November 22nd.