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4 makeup looks inspired by sport to get you a gold in beauty

By Esteban G Villanueva

Vogue Scandinavia’s latest online beauty editorial challenges the perception that beauty and sport don’t play together

“We wanted to create a story that was a flirt with a passion that is not always considered trendy, women in sports," explains Niklas Marklund, photographer and creative behind Vogue Scandinavia's most recent beauty shoot. "We wanted to glam it up and display beauty in a forum that is usually strict, low key and performance focused."


With a feeling that sports was underrepresented in current beauty visuals, the concept brought to light a portrayal of sports in a modern beauty way. Inspired by vintage references and cinema graphics, the editorial seeks to showcase the beauty and elegance of sports within an industry that usually avoids them.

While we don't endorse sweating in a full face of makeup, here are four looks that are inspired by the energy and forces of well-known, amply liked, disciplines.