Artist Jacob Felländer’s coffee-heavy weekend guide to Williamsburg

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

On a weekend trip to New York for the opening of his latest exhibition, Swedish artist Jacob Felländer skips Manhattan and hangs out in Williamsburg. Here he shares his favourite haunts.

A summer trip to New York is a standard for many Scandinavians. Once the warm weather hits, our Instagram feeds are flooded with friends sipping cocktails at the Bowery, eating brunch at Balthazar and shopping in Soho. But a subset of Scandis skip Manhattan altogether and revel in the low-key delights of Brooklyn. And while some Brooklyn neighbourhoods still maintain an under-the-radar charm, Williamsburg has emerged as an extension of Manhattan – a slightly less chaotic area with all the good eats and good coffee as its across the bridge neighbour.


Jacob Felländer is a Williamsburg guy. “I can’t get enough of Williamsburg,” he says. “It’s everything I love about New York and that I also was afraid of losing.” It’s fitting that the Swedish artist’s vision of the big apple would allude to the passing of time; his multiple-exposed photographs manage to capture just that. Bathed in romantic light, Felländer’s images are at once nostalgic and dystopian, hinting towards our shared responsibility to find solutions to long-standing societal problems.

Photo: H&M

Photo: H&M

Lucky for Felländer, his latest exhibition put him smack dab in the centre of his favourite neighbourhood. The show, which opened at H&M’s Williamsburg concept space, The Gallery, last week, is a collaboration between the artist, H&M and renowned gallerist David Zwirner’s digital art marketplace Platform. On view are Felländer’s aforementioned photographs as well as oil paintings, trippy augmented reality experiences and the artist’s previous H&M collaboration (point Felländer’s own Great Escape app towards the clothes and they seemingly spring to life). The installation, which remains open through July 18th, also allows visitors to co-create their own wearable pieces printed on demand.

Jacob Felländer in H&M’s Williamsburg concept shop. Photo: H&M

The exhibition opening gave Felländer a good excuse to spend a few days eating, drinking (coffee and cocktails) and surfing his way through Williamsburg and beyond. Below he shares his curated Williamsburg guide.

For a caffeine fix: Oslo Coffee

Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

“It has to happen. First thing in the morning and then continuously throughout the day. It needs to be black heavy, and strong. It’s my reward, comfort blanket and drill sergeant, all in one cup. Oslo Coffee in Williamsburg makes my favourite brew in the whole world. And yes, I’ve been going there since 2003. Long before Bradley Cooper and Helena Christensen discovered it…”

328 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

For a good view: Williamsburg North 5th Pier

"Best place to sip morning take-away coffee from Oslo Coffee."

105 River St, Brooklyn

For a great cocktail: Maison Premiere

Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

"As an artist, heavy red wine is my choice [of drink] right? But the drinks being created at Maison Premiere are works of art and the bartenders are my colleagues. Try the Chipas Sling – that's my latest elixir. Perfectly balanced between heaven and hell."

298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

For a great stay: Williamsburg Hotel

Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

"Everything I’ve loved about New York for the past twenty years has now migrated to Williamsburg. And from the rooftop at Williamsburg hotel you also have the best view."

96 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

To catch a wave: Rockaway Beach

Enroute from the city to the beach. Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

Photo: Fletcher Leigerot

"I have a severe surfing addiction. The surf and the vibe is not like Montauk or Biarritz, but riding the Subway with your board and wetsuit is a special feeling."

Rockaway Beach, Queens

To dream big across the bridge: MoMA

Photo: Colin Mcglynn

"Soon….. Working on it…."

11 W 53rd St, New York