Aquamarine dreams dominated 2024’s High Jewellery collections

By Billie Miro Breskin

Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Amongst the best - and the brightest - 2024 High Jewellery collections, many maisons put aquamarine centre stage. Read on to discover our editor-in-chief Martina Bonnier’s top aquamarine picks from this year

When it comes to creating High Jewellery, many designs begin with the precious stones that will feature in the finished jewellery. With only the most spectacular gems of the finest quality used in these collections, sourcing the perfect pieces can take years. This season, those rare beauties were presented in full force. Amongst the diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, aquamarines shone across several collections, confirming the precious gem’s comeback in the world of High Jewellery. Below, discover Vogue Scandinavia editor-in-chief Martina Bonnier’s picks of the most stunning aquamarine High Jewellery pieces this year.



Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

Paying homage to the flamingo brooch created by Cartier for the Duchess of Windsor in 1940, this necklace forms a dazzling landscape in which the central bird rests. Touches of black lacquer and rose gold on the bird’s beak catch the eye, while emeralds bring vibrant greenery to life. The real star of the necklace, however, is the aquamarine pendant. “I saw this piece in person, and the 28.50-carat aquamarine steals the show,” says Bonnier. “It anchors the necklace and ties in beautifully with the blue and green colour palette that has been a staple of Cartier for years.”



Photo: Courtesy of Chopard

These Chopard earrings balance grace with whimsy, their pear-shaped aquamarines gleaming. “Chopard works with a lot of ethical metals in their designs, and this piece features ethical white gold settings” remarks Bonnier. Fitting into the fairytale world of Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection 2024, the colourful butterflies are as enchanting as they are glamorous, straight out of a magical garden.



Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

This year’s High Jewellery collection from Gucci, dubbed ’Labirinti Gucci’, is inspired by the twists and turns of garden mazes. Within the structure and order of the geometric designs, precious stones notes of vivid colour. “It is incredibly difficult to find two gemstones that are nearly identical,” says Bonnier, “and the aquamarines in this set of earrings are remarkable.”


Tiffany & Co.

Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

Within Tiffany & Co.'s expansive High Jewellery collection inspired by designer Jean Schlumberger, aquamarines truly had their moment. "This necklace features both cut aquamarine and free-form gems, which makes for a very special combination," notes Bonnier. With each free-form aquamarine a different shape, artisans worked with the greatest precision to fit together each separate element into a cohesive and balanced whole.