3 things to know about Gucci’s a-maze-ing labyrinthine High Jewellery collection

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Gucci

In the world of High Jewellery, it is easy to get lost among mesmerising gemstones and precious metals. As Gucci unveils its High Jewellery collection 'Labirinti' for 2024, we dive into the three things you need to know about its 140 masterpieces

A labyrinthine inspiration

Gucci’s latest High Jewellery collection, ‘Labirinti Gucci,’ is an enchanting amble through the lush labyrinths of Italian gardens, celebrating three main elements: symmetry and ordered beauty, geometric splendour, and blooming nature. In short, this collection amazes with meticulously balanced designs, blending structure and floral motifs to create 140 masterpieces showcasing show-stopping gemstones highlighted by labyrinthian framework.


Exploring exquisite gemstones

Ethiopian opals, mandarin garnets, yellow sapphires, and an ultra-rare Paraiba tourmaline – ‘Labirinti’ is populated by precious, vertigo-inducing gemstones. While exploring Gucci’s maze of necklaces and bracelets, it is easy to get lost among the intense green Colombian emeralds, deep blue tanzanites and the radiant glow rubellites. Keep your eye on the Italian house’s fresh take on its iconic G motif, rendered in all sparkling pavé diamonds.

The new dragonfly motif

Combining vibrant colours and intricate patterns, 'Labirinti' embodies all the elements of an enchanting garden. But forget water fountains and flowerbeds; Gucci illuminates its collection with elements from the natural world, introducing new motifs to the brand’s High Jewellery vernacular, adding dragonflies to its arsenal. Symbolising rebirth and freedom, the insect is brought to life in a series of brooches and mismatched earrings, featuring a mix of tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines, and white diamonds.

See all the pieces below: