Anine Bing can sing – and her new album drops soon

By Clare McInerney

Photo: @aninebing

It's a rock'n'roll revival for the fan-favourite LA-based Scandi designer

“I’m working on a new record, which is super exciting,” Anine Bing told Vogue Scandinavia when we stepped into the designer’s home for our August/September issue. “It’s like therapy for me, writing music. It’s a different way of being creative, and it’s such a big part of me. So now I’m back in the studio whenever I have a little moment.”


While Bing is best known for the minimal and timeless womenswear she designs for her popular namesake brand, music isn’t unfamiliar territory. “I was doing music before I did clothes. I was in a band before I started the brand,” she says. The band was Kill Your Darlings, a sultry soft rock outfit in which Bing was the mesmerising singer-songwriter and guitarist, complete with black nail polish, heavily lined eyes, tousled hair and ethereal vocals.

Now, Bing has taken to Instagram to confirm the release date of her rock’n’roll revival: due to hit our airwaves in the coming months.

Photo: @aninebing

Photo: @aninebing

“I have received so many questions about my music lately,” Bing says in the post’s caption. “Last year, I really felt like a piece of me was missing, which led me to start writing music again. It brought me so much happiness; I continued to write and write until, unexpectedly, a full album was complete.”

“Working on this album has been the most rewarding, soul-filled project. To be able to express my creativity in so many ways and tie it all together is truly a dream come true. I cannot wait to share the full album with you later this spring!”

Consider it the soundtrack to your curated Anine Bing wardrobe – the full Bing experience, set to drop this spring.