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An ode to Malin Åkerman, the Scandi queen of US rom-coms

By Eliza Sörman Nilsson
Malin Åkerman

Photo: Getty

The Swedish-American actress might call L.A. home, but we still claim her as our own. Here we look at how she’s forged an iconic career, one romantic comedy at a time

Malin Åkerman’s latest film takes us to the desert. Released last year, the physiological thriller called The Aviary is about two women, Jillian (Åkerman) and Blair (Lorenza Izzo). They hike across the searing hot desert to escape the Silverlight sex cult, inspired by the real-life NXIVM Cult, which seduced Hollywood stars and America’s most powerful elite. As the women battle trauma, a lack of trust in each other, and a genuine fear for their lives, the film further prooves this Stockholm-born actress’ range.


Whether she’s playing the don’t-mess-with-me Lara Axelrod on Billions or showing off her superhero skills in Watchmen, there’s a subtle edge to all her performances. A Scandi cool, one could say.

While she can tackle drama and action, it’s her comedic timing and ability to light up the screen in rom-coms that really cement her into our hearts. Often an unappreciated genre, we can’t help but crave meet-cutes, snappy banter, and happy endings, which is why much of Åkerman’s filmography is a delightful trip of escapism. Something that poignantly feels like the perfect antidote to everything that is happening right now. From 27 Dresses to The Proposal, here are five Åkerman rom-coms that are worth returning to time and time again.

Warning: spoilers ahead