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All the times Björk graced our cinema and TV screens (including those times you didn’t even notice)

By Esteban G Villanueva
Björk Dancer In The Dark 2000 Lars Von Trier

Whether you’re a die-hard cinephile or just a casual movie fan, Icelandic superstar Björk is a sight not to be missed. Discover here all the obvious (and not so known) times the artist graced our silver screens

Björk’s career as an artist is as ample and as rare as the Northern Lights themselves. While the Icelandic superstar is known for her music and eccentric looks, every once in a while she puts down the makeup and the accessories and steps into the shoes of characters made to fit universes of their own. Inspired by her latest cameo as the Seeress in the anticipated The Northman movie — where she stars alongside Nicole Kidman, Anya-Taylor Joy, Alexander Skarsgård (and his abs) — we went down a rabbit hole to figure out all the times she’s made appearances on our screen. Discover them ahead.