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“Every piece of entertainment is always going to have people who get it and people who don’t”: Lily Collins talks jewellery, Emily and her love of the Nordics

By Mona M. Ali
Lily Collins

Photo: Cartier

We spoke to the Emily in Paris star about her blossoming career and love for all things Scandinavian

It’s not a bad time to be Lily Collins.


Not only has the actress and model been appointed as the face of Cartier, the second season of Emily in Paris just got released and within a week, we found out that the beloved Netflix series will continue to not only a third season, but to a fourth season as well. As if Collins wasn’t busy enough already, she also has a film of her own, Windfall, set to come out on Netflix later this year.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the praised actress in Berlin after the launch party of Clash de Cartier, where Collins was appointed as the face of the iconic jewellery and watch brand. I walked into the suit of Soho House Berlin where she was waiting, looking impeccable as always. Sitting graciously by the window wearing a beautiful black mini dress with white ruffle details finished off a sweet bow, it’s hardly surprising that Collins has graced the covers of many eminent fashion magazines, Vogue included.