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These are the Scandi details to know about The Northman

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Aidan Monaghan

With the release date for Robert Eggers' highly anticipated, epic revenge thriller The Northman fast approaching, Vogue Scandinavia breaks down all the Scandi elements to know

If you – like many of us – have been thirsty for Game of Thrones-esque action since the cult series ended in 2019, American film director Robert Eggers might just have the treat for you. In cinemas this April, The Northman whisks us away to the ever-beguiling world of Norse mythology, engulfed with explosive scenes and breathtaking landscapes.


Even before the release its making headlines. Across New York City, locals have noticed the poster for the film plastered across billboards. While it showcases the star-studded line-up and the gritty aesthetic, it is missing one thing - the title. Publicity stunt or a mistake? No one knows but it sure has people talking.

Hotly anticipated since the trailer was released last December, the director of the horror hits of The Witch and The Lighthouse describes his latest venture as his most ambitious and challenging thus far. For us Scandis, The Northman hits different, as the film embraces a plethora of Nordic elements, bringing one of our oldest folk tales to life. Below, Vogue Scandinavia explains all The Northman’s Scandi details to be aware of.