Aeron – AW24

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Aeron

Aeron's autumn/winter '24 collection, in collaboration with artist Sári Ember, is a masterclass in sleek minimalism

Mellow beats flow from the speakers, permeating the white gallery space nestled in Copenhagen’s design hotspot Frederiksgade 1. The room is decked with minimalistic ceramic artworks, hinting at what’s to come as Aeron’s autumn/winter ’24 showcase commences. It’s an optimal backdrop for the collection, which reflects creative director Eszter Áron’s infinite love affair with art, culminating in a collaboration with Hungarian artist Sári Ember.

Áron discovered Ember as she visited her solo exhibition in Budapest and swiftly found common ground with the artist, both visually and theoretically. “Ember’s artistic practice centres around universal experiences, such as death and birth, or purification and decay. We both find beauty in the alteration over time, maturing and ageing that we articulate in our own language and medium,” Áron explains.

Building on that idea, the AW24 collection takes its cues from the passing of time and its perpetual presence, exploring the allure of change and cyclicity. “Aeron has been there for over a decade which is a continuous journey of learning, developing, and maturing,” says Áron. “Art has always been a source of inspiration to me. Not just the artworks themselves, but the process of observing and interpreting the subject, which then becomes a new creation inside the mind.”

In the garments, Ember’s work comes to life via a painted study of a vase — a recurring symbol in her art — that appears in various scales on a hand-knitted sweater and sleek poplin and raw silk shirts. Elsewhere, ceramic buttons crafted by Ember adorn sculpted knits, merino wool jackets and boxy blazers, while a hand-painted, plant-dyed fabric is reminiscent of artefacts unearthed through archaeological excavations.

Striking a balance between contrasts, the collection blends the masculine with the feminine, juxtaposing rough textures against silky surfaces. Aeron's signature earthy tones resonate with Ember's work and harmonise with the clean silhouettes, accentuating the refined craftsmanship that the brand is loved for.

Aeron – AW24