Adnym - SS24

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Olivia Frølich

Casablanca meets Lawrence of Arabia for Stefan Söderberg's earthy, endlessly wearable Adnym spring/summer '24 collection

Adnym designer and co-founder Stefan Söderberg describes the Swedish brand’s spring/summer '24 collection as “clothes that have been packed for vacation but never left the suitcase”. That isn’t to say that these aren’t garments that beg to be worn – the easy tailoring, knee-skimming kaftans and drawstring trousers are, in fact, endlessly wearable. Rather, he refers to the purposeful crinkles, raw edges and visible lining. A purposeful lack of finish.


Söderberg describes the season’s aesthetic as somewhere in between Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and Peter O’Toole’s wind-catching desert-ready looks in Lawrence of Arabia. Breezy sheer fabrics in a palette of cream and white – delicate striping here and there – set against weightier suiting. The offering is punctuated by a soft mint, which finds its way into an oversized double-breasted suit and sharp double-breasted vest. “It’s inspired by the gemstone tourmaline,” notes Söderberg. “It’s quit subtle but still adds some nice colour.” Captured on the beach by photographer Olivia Frølich’s house in Snekkersten and styled by Emine Sander, the earthy palette blends effortlessly with its surroundings.

Also on deck: tech-forward pieces, most notably an ankle-skimming drawstring skirt that appeals to both male and female fans of the brand. Further proof that if Adnym makes its way into your suitcase, it’s certainly going to be worn.

Discover the SS24 campaign below: