A. Røge Hove - AW22

By Allyson Shiffman
A. Røge Hove aw22

For the brand's first ever autumn/winter presentation, the fan favourite brought a heap of surprises

A. Røge Hove’s signature slinky knitwear doesn’t exactly scream “autumn/winter”, which is precisely why the brand’s first ever AW presentation was such a thrill to watch. “I’m thinking so much about styling and layering,” Amalie Røge Hove told me a couple weeks ahead of today’s show.


Layering came by way of extended turtlenecks, folded back over the shoulders. Dresses were scrunched and bunched. There were even, most unexpectedly, leg-warmers.

It was all about context, not only due to the inventive styling, but also the show’s location. Presented at Overgaden, a beloved art space in Christianshavn, models glided throughout works by artist Julie Stavad, whose irreverent sculptures – a monstrous marble suitcase, a table stuffed into a monstrous stocking – sit proudly in dialogue with Hove’s designs. “Some of these things have a focus on craft and a focus on showing things in a surprising way,” says Hove, a woman unabashedly obsessed with craft herself.

Speaking of craft, this season showcases two entirely new knitting techniques, which stretch in an asymmetrical manner, creating – miraculously – silhouette. “We’re trying to add a little bit of volume,” says Hove. “I really want to surprise people.”

See the full collection below: