9 of the most popular wedding gifts from Svenskt Tenn

By Kendal Karaduman

Photo: Kristofer Johnsson

Every wedding – Swedish or not – can call for a perfect Scandi interiors piece. Here are the most popular wedding gifts from iconic design house Svenskt Tenn

Over the course of almost 100 years, Svenskt Tenn has become an international name, known for its timeless designs, expert craftsmanship and, of course, its unmistakable Swedish-ness. Sitting so dear in the heart of every Swede, the iconic design company occupies a special place when it comes to celebrating big milestones: birthdays, christenings, and perhaps most importantly, weddings.

Below, Vogue Scandinavia rounds up the most popular wedding gifts from the coveted Svenskt Tenn catalogue.


Vase Dagg

Designed by Carina Seth Andersson in 2009, the Dagg Vase is inspired by the morning dew of a fresh summer morning. Its intricate curved surfaces, which catch and refract every drop of light, have made this vase an indelible Svenskt Tenn classic.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Vase Dagg


Candle Holder Vänskapsknuten (The Knot of Friendship)

Designed by Jewish-Austrian designer and architect Josef Frank during the turmoil of 1930s Europe, this iconic piece by one of Sweden’s most important designers feels just as significant today. Striking a delicate balance between curved and straight lines, this candle holder is a symbol of friendship and peace, making it the perfect gift to celebrate the union of your loved ones.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Candleholder Vänskapsknuten


Vase No2

Another design by Josef Frank on this list, this beautiful vase also shines as a standalone piece, even when not housing flowers. The careful craftsmanship of the vase is evident in its subtle variations, as the wooden mould that is created with slowly changes over time, creating different effects through the glassblower.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Vase No2


Pot Hortus

Josef Frank’s iconic Pot Hortus has been a Svenskt Tenn cornerstone design since 1942. The original ruby red, emerald green and deep blue colours are still available to purchase today, with the addition of two new variants in clear glass and shimmering amber.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Pot Hortus in Green


Schnapps Fish

Designed by the company’s founder, Estrid Ericson, this pewter schnapps flask is inspired by Peruvian pottery from the late Chimu era (1150-1460). Unlike its freshwater cousins, this fish feels most at home on a large [Svenskt Tenn] pewter tray, surrounded by ice.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Schnapps Fish


Wine Cooler

With this elegant wine cooler, designer Sebastian Schildt brings together aesthetics and function with the same dexterity that he marries pewter with brass. The result is an eye-cathin gcooler that keeps a drink cold while keeping the bottle dry. Fashioned from materials that age gracefully, this makes for the perfect gift to celebrate the start of a long-lasting union.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Wine Cooler


Vase Waveform

This wave shaped vase was designed in 1933 by Björn Trägårdh. Featuring the signature brass rim that crowns his pewter forms, this stylish vase makes for a modern yet timeless gift for newlyweds.

Photo: Svesnkt Tenn Vase Waveform


Pewter Does

It should come as no surprise that a favourite way to celebrate the happy couple is with this pair of pewter doe statuettes, inspired by models from China’s Ming dynasty period.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Pewter Does


Vase Flask

The Flask vase belongs to Michael Anastassiades’ exclusive series of products, in which he reinterprets a selection of Josef Frank’s designs to explore the concept of sincerity. With a glass body intended to allow the viewer to observe the growth of plants, Anastassiades’ background in engineering and industrial design can be seen in the crisp, geometric shapes of the vase.

Photo: Svenskt Tenn Vase Flask