5 stylish blue-light blocking glasses to shop now

By Betty Bachz

Photo: @bettybachz @b.fleurs_official

With our screen time across devices increasing, protection from blue light exposure is ever more a legitimate reason to sport the optical glasses of your dream. Vogue Scandinavia curates a selection of 5 pairs of optical glasses fitted with blue-light filtering lenses.

Have you ever been staring longingly at Bella Hadid's clear lens aviators or Fredrikke Sophie’s statement opticals? Finally, there is a legitimate reason to wear glasses without prescription as a statement.


Between working from home, streaming from your tablet and bottomless instagram scrolling, the amount of time our eyes are glued to a screen has likely gone up since the outbreak of the pandemic. Blue light exposure has become an inevitable part of our daily lives. As one of the shortest, yet highest energy wavelengths, blue light can do some serious damage: causing everything from eye strain to sleep deprivation.

Whether you are in the market for eye-protection or just changing up your looks (or both), now is the time to invest in a stylish pair of blue light blocking specs, even if you have 20/20 vision. With brands like Chanel offering signature styles with non-prescriptive, blue light filtering lenses and Scandinanvian eyewear specialists like Christopher Cloos having an extensive unisex range —function needn’t sacrifice style. Here is Vogue Scandinavia’s picks of 5 stylish blue light filtering specs for your digital relief.


Cat Eye Eyeglasses


Tom Ford

Blue Block Large Opticals


Jamie Looks

Juhl Blue Light


Christopher Cloos

Gouverneur Espresso Blue Light



Chain-link Detail Geometric Blue Light Glasses



Todd Brown Glasses