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Team Vogue Scandinavia

Editor in Chief & CEO – Martina Bonnier
Assistant to Editor in Chief – Rebecka Thorén

Print Editor – Allyson Shiffman
Senior Fashion Editor - Robert Rydberg
Head of Production – Kornelia Eklund
Layout Manager – Maria Kruse
Head of Video – Kristian Bengtsson
Executive Video Manager - Emir Eralp
Digital Editor (maternity leave) – Eliza Sörman Nilsson
Acting Digital Editor - Clare McInerney
Deputy Digital Editor - Anna Clarke
Diversity & Inclusion Editor – Mona M. Ali
Expert Editor – Josefin Forsberg
Beauty Editor – Esteban G. Villanueva
Music Editor – Doris Daga
Digital Designer – Roeland Vanheesbeke
Picture Editor – Benjamin Tarp
Junior Videographer – Margarita Sheremet
Fashion Assistant – Amelie Langenskiöld
Junior Shopping Editor - Greta Westman
Acting Social Media Editor – Esteban G. Villanueva

CFO – Johan P. Moverare
Head of Partnerships & Sustainability – Mariann Jacobsson
Head of Marketing - Christina Thomsen
Head of Technology & Distribution – Peter Holmlund
Performance Marketing Manager – Julia Weingarten
Accounting Manager – Nathalie Larsson
Finance Assistant - Wilma Lundberg
Sales & Partnerships Manager (maternity leave) – Sarah Bardling
Sales & Partnerships Manager – Jenny Jensen
Sales & Partnerships Manager – Sandra Silbersky
Developer - Aniisa Bihi