Your first look inside Prada's Copenhagen and Stockholm Tropico pop-ups

By Vogue Scandinavia
prada pop up

Photo: Milad Abedi

The Danish and Swedish fashion set was transported to the tropics at the opening of the Prada Tropico pop-up

The tropics have arrived in Copenhagen by way Prada’s latest pop-up. Stroll by the shop windows at Illum and you can practically feel the delightfully sticky air, hear the ocean lapping on pristine beaches.


Still, this is a Muiccia Prada and Raf Simons’ view of a beachside getaway – no sandflies or sunburns here. Instead, at the brand’s second pop-up in the Danish department store (the last was Prada on Ice) you’ll find a popish view of a tropical getaway. Green and white stripes line the floors and backlit walls. Here, the trees are adorned with raffia and nylon bucket hats. Dare we say more alluring than some natural leaves and flowers.

This is hardly the first time Prada has gone tropical. Muiccia introduced candy-coloured stripes and, most notably, her iconic banana print way back in SS11. For AW18, Prada brought back the banana motif, this time bursting into flames in a more-is-more extravaganza. The banana bowling shirt became the garment of the moment, beloved for its campy appeal. The sort of shirt that instantly transports you somewhere hot and carefree, much like the brand's Illum takeover.

At last night’s opening cocktail for the pop-up space, which remains open through June 17, Copenhagen’s fashion set popped by for a mini-vacation, basking in the glow of the large neon Prada triangle. Sure, they perused the striped silk blouses and admired the latest iterations of the brand’s iconic Triangle bag – most notably the beach-vacay-ready raffia iteration. But mostly they mixed and mingled, as one is wan to do on a tropical getaway.