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Organic period care brand Yoppie reclaimed Men's day in the name of menstruation

By Babba Rivera

Photo: Rasmus Lindahl

Vogue Scandinavia's Eco-Beauty Expert Babba Rivera reminisces on Yoppie's takeover of Lamb on International Men's Day in honour of menstruation

So apparently men have their own International day. If you ask me, most days are men’s day, so I was quite shocked when I found out men indeed had their own “day.” That’s why I was so amazed by the “takeover” of International Men’s Day by the new personalised period care brand Yoppie — celebrating “mens” (which translates to periods in Swedish) on International Men’s Day.


The Swedish company, which is unequivocally pioneering personalised period care, invaded Stockholm’s “anti-burnout” co-working space, Lamb, on November 19. Among the activities was a cook-a-long facilitated by the “Curly Doula,” Opokua Britton, and a dynamic DJ set from Kristin Zetterlund.

Yoppie’s goal with the event was to celebrate, educate and spread awareness about menstrual health. Could they have picked a different day for such festivities? Sure. Could they have chosen a better day? Nope.

The Curly Doula presented a series of delicious dishes that are high in nutrients, which can help women find comfort while meeting their body’s needs during the emotional rollercoaster that is “that time of the month.” Zetterlund curated a playlist that women could laugh, cry or dance to, any time of any month.

Photo: Rasmus Lindahl