Would you wear a handbag made from upcycled underwear?

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Courtesy of Lace Laboratory

Who knew a panty clutch could be this covetable? From lingerie drawer to the limelight: Lacy Laboratory's latest collaboration with designer Lisa Helena Jacobsson reimagines underwear into handbags

Lace Laboratory, an online-based women's underwear brand renowned for its "women-powered underwear universe", has partnered with Swedish designer Lisa Helena Jacobsson on a collection of lacy handbags made from upcycled lingerie. Co-founded by Faye Flensburg and Felicia Lönnqvist, Lace Laboratory's unexpected collaboration is far from run-of-the-mill for the brand. "It’s the perfect combination of innovation, fashion, and playfulness," notes Lönnqvist. "Fashion doesn’t always have to be so serious.’


Lingerie may usually take a backseat, discreetly enhancing outfits from beneath the layers. However, this fashion-forward venture seeks to shift that narrative dramatically. Comprising 12 singular handbags, each fashioned from 15 - 20 pairs of never-worn panties, the collection breathes new life into Jacobsson's now signature drawstring designs. According to Jacobsson herself, this is a collaboration "made with heart," one that consciously repurposes high-quality lace while still aligning with the aesthetic she’s known for.

Photo: Courtesy of Lace Laboratory

But why Lisa Helena Jacobsson? "We have followed Lisa’s journey over time and are so impressed by her work, design, and super-sweet personality," Lönnqvist answers. In keeping with Lace Laboratory's previously mentioned ethos, choosing to work with a "Swedish female designer" was key to the collaboration.

By combining Lace Laboratory's existing stock with Jacobsson's design acumen, this collaboration hopes to serve as more than just a creative endeavour. "We hope that this collaboration can inspire other underwear brands to think outside the box and re-work and re-use the material for all different ideas – your creativity is the limit," Lönnqvist emphasises.

The upcycling aspect taps into the broader ethos of sustainable fashion, given that, as Lönnqvist points out, "Underwear is often made of high-quality, soft, and breathable textiles in beautiful colours that you actually can reuse in so many different ways."

Lace laboratory founders Faye Flensburg and Felicia Lönnqvist.

It's a timely call to the underwear industry, innovation that is filled with fun innovation. After all, we can't help but agree with Lönnqvist: "fashion doesn’t always have to be so serious."