Won Hundred - AW24

By Olivia Ekelund

Won Hundred's AW24 show pays homage to the past through repurposed classics, solidifying the brand's integrity as it celebrates 20 years

The warehouse-like hall at Politikens Hus Udstilling is pitch black ahead of Won Hundred’s autumn/winter '24 show. The jubilee collection will be a statement from the brand. One that aims to pays homage to Won Hundred’s past while looking forward, fortifying their expansion.


Lights flash on and the collection’s essence is clear from the get-go: gender fluid, structured pieces with straight silhouettes. Dark double denim and single tone co-ords that, while clean, have the brand’s telltale, punky edge. Reinvented classics and familiar details integral to the brand’s identity. ‘Surrender’ is a showcase of that identity, of Won Hundred’s history and values. And, through a display of that integrity, of what lies ahead.

“It’s a deconstruction and re-imagination,” says founder and creative director Nikolaj Nielsen. “For AW24, I turned inward for inspiration, drawing from our own rich history rather than external influences,” Nielsen explains. “It allowed us to craft a collection that truly captures the essence of our brand.” Where denim lies at the core. So much so we might forget why Nielsen chose it in the first place.

“It’s timeless, perhaps one of the most consistent pillars in fashion,” the designer reflects. “And I’ve always been captivated by denim's unique ability to unite diverse individuals. This collection leverages that power. By featuring cross-gender styling on the runway, we are not just showcasing designs. It’s a statement about inclusivity.”

As ever, they’re concerned with durability and responsibility. And the revamp of the classic pieces show that lasting quality. “We delved deep into our archives to reimagine the iconic denim styles that were pivotal in our early years.” Looks integrated with panels from deadstock denim. Each piece is made of at least 50% responsible fibres, sustainable leather or 100% recycled nylon.

The show does signal one change: expansion. It sees a more complete collection than we’ve had from them in one go before. “’Surrender transforms our denim roots,” relays Nielsen. “It's a defining moment, marking our evolution into a brand that offers more than just denim.” More knitwear and wool, in the form of floor-length, thick outerwear and v-neck cardigans. Ample strong suiting. An extension of their leather quotient. “It’s a bold step into a comprehensive ready-to-wear range,” finishes Nielsen. The Won Hundred we know and love, but more. And it's a good more.

Discover all the looks from Won Hundred's AW24 collection below:

Won Hundred - AW24