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The best eco-beauty products to add to your scalp routine

By Babba Rivera

Photo: Lucia Fainzilber

Great hair starts with good scalp health. But if your scalp is oily, itchy, flaky or red-colored, or if there’s any pain or sun damage, your scalp is not considered healthy. Should that be the case, hair loss might be around the corner

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Scalp health is especially important right now, because stress that’s come with the pandemic is causing widespread hair loss. On top of that, cold temperatures that arrive in winter damage hair as well. In addition, our bodies don’t make it easy on us. As we age, our scalp struggles to maintain healthy follicles, which in turn produce healthy hair.

Despite it being such a crucial part of cultivating healthy hair, most people still don’t have a scalp routine in place. This is interesting to me, because your scalp is very much like your face — if you never washed your face, your pores would get clogged and we know what happens next in that case! When it comes to scalp health, most people bundle it together with hair care and think washing their hair is the equivalent of caring for the scalp, but the reality is that the needs of the scalp and the hair strands themselves are vastly different. I therefore strongly advise everyone to implement a weekly scalp ritual.