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The myth of Scandi minimalism: Is the interior trend a lie?

By Linnéa Ruiz Mutikainen
Svenskt Tenn the modern house 1925

Photo: Svenskt Tenn

Are Scandinavian interiors quintessentially minimalist, or is it just an inaccurate stereotype? Vogue Scandinavia dissects the much-hyped Nordic aesthetic

When the cosy, zen-like concept of 'hygge' started to establish itself globally in 2016, the infatuation with Scandinavian aesthetics reached new heights. The mindset, characterised by complete gratitude for all aspects of life, particularly our homes, took the rest of Europe and then the US by (quiet, calm) storm.


Yet hygge's rise also helped to reinforce the idea that Nordic design is all about neutral colours, clean lines and an almost obsessive focus on minimalism. The question is, how much does that view line up with what is authentically Scandinavian?