Bill Skarsgård
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Who is Clark Olofsson, the man behind Stockholm Syndrome?

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Netflix

From mastering multiple prison breaks to the failed attempt of robbing a bank that made the Swedish criminal world-famous, here Vogue Scandinavia takes you on a journey through Clark Olofsson's life of crime

Perhaps the most notorious outlaw in Swedish history, Clark Olofsson was not only a skilled gangster but also immensely charismatic and good looking to the point where his victims would get attached to him. Olofsson's decades-long criminal career is engraved in the minds of many in Scandinavia and beyond, remaining intriguing as ever. Netflix has also recounted the infamous criminal's life in the upcoming series Clark, where Olofsson is portrayed by acclaimed Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård, who is also featured in the April/May issue of Vogue Scandinavia.


Below, you'll find a breakdown of the key information on Olofsson and his role in the birth of the famous psychological phenomenon called 'Stockholm Syndrome.'