Watch: Extreme sports meets high fashion with Norway's 'death divers'

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

Dødshopp is up there amongst the most extreme of sports. Here, two Norwegian professionals (and friends) share what it feels like to dive towards your “death

“Right before I jump, my head kind of goes blank. If I’m jumping a high cliff, I’m only focusing on surviving.”


These jumps are not for the faint hearted. Norwegian ‘death divers’ Truls Torp and Kim André Knutsen’s push the boundaries of their bodies and minds each day for a brief but mighty reward. For a moment, time stretches; a second of falling in perfect stillness.

Here, we go with them to their favourite diving spot just outside of Oslo. Vogue Scandinavia captures them hurling off cliffs, as they describe the feeling of speeding towards the water's surface. Find out exactly what goes through their minds as they take the big leap.

Director: Ole Martina Halvorsen
Talent: Kim-André Knutsen, Truls Torp @zerozeronation
Stylist: Meja Taserud @Lalaland Artists
Grooming: Malin Wallin @Pudder
DoP; Josias Dein
B-Roll: Jarl Robert Kristiansen
Retouch: Kiffa
Grip: Robin Opgård
Production Assistant: Sture Nordhagen
Stylist Assistants: Stanley Dahl and Rachel Allison