Watch Conversation (2) of Love Lost: The Unrequited Love

By Vogue Scandinavia

Heartfelt and devastating, the three-part Conversations of Love Lost series by Swedish director Sheila Johannsson sensitively captures the universal experience of love 'that doesn’t last forever'

Released exclusively by Vogue Scandinavia in collaboration with production company new—land, Conversations of Love Lost is the independent short film directorial debut of Stockholm-based Sheila Johansson.

Following The Break-Up, The Unrequited Love is the second of the three shorts in Johansson's series. Shot in Sweden, starring Helmon Solomon and Clara Christiansson Drake, it captures the consuming longing and hope of young, one-sided affections.

"This is the big crush that consumes your life. You’re both insecure about yourself and them. You don’t know if the love is mutual or just a great friendship – so, you overanalyse every look, every touch, every text, call, kiss and hug. The dream of the two of you become bigger and bigger and you start to believe that the two of you are meant to be together. But then again – you are young, and signals are misread. The love they feel for you is not the same love you feel for them. When you finally risk everything in the middle of a dance floor, you realise how 'love-blinded' you’ve been as your heart falls to the floor in shatters," Johansson explains of the short film's direction.

Directed by Sheila Johansson
Written by Sheila Johansson & Sissela Nelander
Starring: Helmon Solomon and Clara Christiansson Drake
Executive Producer: Erik Torell
Director of Photography: Tim Lorentzén
Editor: Nikolaus Kohler
Editor's Assistant: Joel Sjöström
Colourist: Nicke Cantarelli
Sound Designer: Martin Mighetto
Title Design & Artwork: Albin Holmqvist

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