The 8 scents Vogue Scandinavia's editors are wearing this autumn

By Vogue Scandinavia

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With a chill setting in, it's time for a fragrance refresh – and Vogue Scandinavia's editors have their top picks ready. Get ready for an aromatic autumn array that might lead you to your next signature scent as eight editors reveal their new go-to perfume below


Martina Bonnier, editor-in-chief

"The scent 'Soavissiama,' reputedly Sophia Loren's signature fragrance, balances a sophisticated powdery note with old-world elegance and contemporary allure. It's a blend that captures the essence of today's woman, drawing inquiries from those around me whenever I wear it."


Profuma Roma


Via Profuma Roma


Mariann Jacobsson, head of partnerships

"I wear Alûstre Spectre 175-225 daily, a fragrance that's both exclusive and subtly elegant, making it the perfect companion for everyday wear. I absolutely adore it!"


Spectre 175 - 225

Via Alûstre


Allyson Shiffman, print editor

"I oscillate between two Byredo scents and this is the one I'm wearing now. Come to think of it, maybe this is my winter scent (which would make Blanche my summer scent). It's a bit musky and just generally delicious."


De los Santos

Via Net-a-Porter


Clare McInerney, digital editor

"Come autumn, the florals are swept aside and I just want to smell like a sexy, smoky, leather-bound book. I love the balance of more masculine notes."

Tom Ford

Noir Extreme EDP


Maria Barsoum, senior fashion editor

"Smoky, woodsy, and with a wisp of spicy incense. Perfect for autumn!"

Louis Vuitton

Ombre Nomad

Via Louis Vuitton


Josefin Forsberg, beauty & fashion news editor

"Call me indecisive, but the Gemini in me can't keep to the same fragrance on a daily basis. So – maybe this is cheating – but there's nothing I love more than a discovery kit when kicking off a new scent season. Molton Brown's kit with three woody and aromatic EDTs fits the autumn mood perfectly, spanning spicy black pepper notes, salty maritime scents and heady woods."

Molton Brown

Woody & Aromatic Edt Discovery Set


Amelie Langenskiöld, junior fashion editor

"While I like to imagine myself as someone who changes my scent of choice according to the season, just like how I transition my wardrobe, I find myself coming always back to this perfume. It is fresh enough to wear during summer, but still has a touch of warmth from the honey, making it perfect for winter."


Mediterranean Honeysuckle Clementine EDP

Via Nordstrom


Rebecka Thorén, fashion producer & executive assistant to the editor-in-chief

"I am a creature of habit, and having found this floral scent from Gucci – which manages to be not too sweet – I can't make myself part with it. So it will follow me into the autumn ahead."


Bloom EDP