“It means something. It gives hope": Join Talita, ENNUI Atelier and Vogue Scandinavia in making a difference this International Women's Day

By Linnéa Pesonen

Photo: Margarita Sheremet

This International Women's Day, Vogue Scandinavia has teamed up with charity Talita and Swedish jewellery brand ENNUI Atelier. The outcome is poignant, limited-edition necklace design, with 30 percent of proceeds going directly to Talita – and those who purchase will also be gifted 6 months free access to a Vogue Scandinavia Society Membership. Read on to find out more about this special collaboration

Stand with Vogue Scandinavia in supporting Talita's mission to help women out of prostitution, pornography and trafficking for sexual purposes and into a functioning life. Make a direct donation here:

In a world that can feel bleak sometimes, empowering acts of kindness and resilience help us maintain hope. One such example is the Swedish non-profit organisation Talita, dedicated to helping women and children across the world to break free from prostitution, pornography and human trafficking for sexual purposes.

Established in 2004 by Anna Sander and Josephine Appelqvist, Talita was born out of the founders’ own distressing experiences of witnessing prostitution abroad. Sander had travelled to Amsterdam and, during a stroll through the city’s infamous red light district, realised that none of the women there wanted to be in their current situation. “Something sparked within me – I wanted to do something for people in prostitution,” Sander says.

Returning to her home in Sweden, Sander met Appelqvist while working on an outreach project organised by the church. As it turned out, Appelqvist had had a recent encounter with prostitution herself as well, while she was visiting Manila and saw children involved in the sex trade. “I just realised what a horrible world this is,” Appelqvist says. “It was tough to see the exploitation.” Like Sander, Appelqvist was determined to make a difference. While the church’s social work had been effective, the women noticed some gaps in its operations and decided to set up an organisation of their own.

Talita founders Josephine Appelqvist and Anna Sander. Photo: Ola Axman

Now, with 20 years of remarkable work behind them, Talita has achieved many significant milestones, including opening up two Stockholm-based rehabilitation-based shelter houses and the expansion of its initiatives into Mongolia, Romania, The Philippines and Kenya. Talita has also established a close working relationship with the police and social services, a critical link that helps many women find their way to the organisation. Covering crucial aspects like housing support and trauma therapy, Talita's one-year program has proven highly effective, with almost all who have completed it being empowered to permanently leave prostitution and successfully reintegrate into society.

Sander and Appelqvist have one wish for the future: for Talita to keep growing. “We just want to open up new Talitas and tell these boys and girls that they are wonderful. They are brave, we believe in them, they are loved, and we want to help them go to school and get a future,” Sander says.

The women behind Talita are such great examples of caring for those around them

Sophie Antonsson

That’s where the teamwork comes in. To help spread the word about Talita’s incredible initiative and to help raise money for its cause, Vogue Scandinavia has joined forces with the organisation and Swedish high-end jewellery brand ENNUI Atelier, the latter of which has created a stunning necklace with a beautiful message for the occasion.

“It’s such an honour,” says Sophie Antonsson, the founder of ENNUI Atelier, of joining forces for the important cause. “The women behind Talita are such great examples of caring for those around them. It’s done with such grace and poise, and I think it’s a really great, hands-on charity – I have so much respect for them.”

Echoing the sentiment is Vogue Scandinavia's editor in chief Martina Bonnier. “Talita does such significant and meaningful work that we could not pass up this opportunity to be involved and make a contribution,” Bonnier says. “Throughout my career, I have predominantly worked with, and for, women. Therefore, I feel a great duty to assist those women who are experiencing hardship or suffering. When I learned about the ways in which Talita stands with people in need and helps to pave them new life pathways, supporting them through our platform at Vogue Scandinavia was an obvious thing to do.”

'The Stone' necklace, hand-crafted by ENNUI Atelier for the collaboration with Vogue Scandinavia and Talita. Photo: Margarita Sheremet

Photo: Margarita Sheremet

Photo: Margarita Sheremet

Launched in 2019, with its bold yet timeless jewellery crafted from the finest, sustainably and ethically sourced materials, ENNUI Atelier aims to “strengthen and inspire all modern women and men to unapologetically grow to their true potential.” From the perspective of ENNUI and Antonsson herself, jewellery is perceived as a talisman that can become a personal shield of sorts, protecting us from any adversities life throws at us.

“When creating jewellery, I always think about what this will mean to the person wearing it. It’s very personal, and it’s very close to the skin,” Antonsson says. “It’s something that you’ll hopefully charge with memories or affirmations, a source of empowerment – perhaps a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet can provide that extra self-confidence or serve as a reminder of something that keeps you safe.”

The necklace that ENNUI Atelier has designed is not just a beautiful necklace. They have really thought it through. It means something. It gives hope

Anna Sander

This was at front of mind for Antonsson when designing the necklace, called ‘The Stone’, for the collaboration with Talita and Vogue Scandinavia. The piece’s name is derived from the phrase ‘I carry my sorrow like a stone in my pocket’, symbolising how grief can sometimes linger long with us. It may feel heavy initially, but as time passes, it softens and stays there to remind us of our strength and ability to persevere even during the most challenging times.

Photo: Oskar Gyllenswärd

“It’s a tactile piece of jewellery and it’s supposed to remind you of the hardships you’ve had and where you are now,” says Antonsson. What once was a rough object has been transformed into a delicate piece that feels effortless against the wearer’s skin – a resilient stone with a soft exterior that serves as a token of our triumphs. Cast from 100 per cent recycled silver, ‘The Stone’ has been hand-crafted to sit snugly in the palm of your hand, there to be held in case the wearer needs comfort and strength.

“The necklace that ENNUI Atelier has designed is not just a beautiful necklace. They have really thought it through. It means something. It gives hope,” says Sander. “The Stone is a symbol of the work we do as well,” adds Appelqvist. “You take the trauma and you wear it near you and you can handle it.”

The limited-edition ‘The Stone’ necklace will be available to purchase on International Women's Day this Friday 8th March on 30 per cent of the proceeds go directly towards supporting Talita. As a gift for supporting Talita and purchasing the ‘The Stone’, you will also received 6 months free access to Vogue Scandinavia Society membership.