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'Vinterviken' and the appeal of the Swedish romantic teen drama

By Allyson Shiffman

Photo: Netflix

A sexy new subgenre has emerged on Netflix

Many elements of romantic teen dramas are universal: a love-at-first-sight moment between two unlikely candidates, extended sequences of awkward sexual tension, a goofy but loveable BFF. But with the rise of Netflix Nordics, which offers an endless stream of Scandi content, a sexy new subgenre has emerged: the Swedish romantic teen drama.


Yes, these vehicles have all the aforementioned trappings of any other romantic teen drama, but they also have their very own, distinctly Swedish special sauce. Perhaps you’ve already binge-watched the poster child of the genre, Young Royals. For another shining example, look no further than JJ+E. Often called by its working title, Vinterviken (I will call it Vinterviken henceforth) this very titillating teen movie came out on Netflix just last week.

Young love in Vinterviken. Photo: Netflix