Watch poetry in motion, as performed by a Royal Danish Ballet dancer

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

Be transfixed by the poetry – both of movement and spoken word – in this Vogue Scandinavia exclusive video, choreographed by Antonio Russo and performed by Joseph Aumeer

Only some lucky Copenhageners would have the chance to witness the talents of dancer (and multi-hyphante star) Joseph Aumeer, and dancer and movement director Antonio Russo, by securing seats at The Royal Danish Ballet or Tivoli's beloved open-air stage. But here, we are treated to an intimate and moving solo performance by the pair in a video exclusive to Vogue Scandinavia.

"Why so serious out there, where's the peace?" we hear Aumeer question, in a poem written personally in conjunction with the mesmerising performance. "If paths are carved by the hearts that lead, let's just be honest cause that's all we see. Bodies will change but the light shall remain. Just remember, look inward, don't be afraid."

Envisioned by Russo, the work highlights the interdependent relationship between movement and fashion – a running thread through all of his choreography. In Russo's words, the piece is about "dropping the questions and the knowledge and coming back to our roots, catching a breath from the flow of life. It's a love letter to our own skin and body, and about letting go of the controlling patterns and the doubts," he explains. "It’s about connecting with the experience of beauty that is primordial, celebrating and exploring it in all its simplicity and greatness. It’s about embracing the pleasure found in pushing boundaries and getting to know freedom by understanding the power of emotions over human actions."

So take your seats and tune in below, to be transfixed by the full solo performance of poetry in motion.

Dancer performance and poem: Joseph Aumeer
Choreography: Antonio Russo
Score and piano: Alexander McKenzie
Strings: Andreas Bernitt
Styling: Søren Kolborg Sørensen
Film: Tom McKenzie
Hair and Makeup: Massimo Mazzotta Møller
Made with generous support from Augustinus Fonden