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Video: Meet the world-class DJs of Bergen, Norway

By Vogue Scandinavia

An unassuming town of Norway is home to some of the biggest producers in music. Here you get an intimate look at the local legends

For our December-January issue, Vogue Scandinavia meets DJs Kygo, Alan Walker and Payday who all have a peculiar link: they’re all from the same town in Norway.


Despite having careers that has seen them collaborate with the likes of the late Avicii, Octavian and Coldplay, they were all unusually born in Bergen, a small sleepy town on the Norwegian West Coast famous for its rain. It rains, we’re told, more than anywhere else in Europe.

In the video below, the artists talk affectionately about their home city, give us the download on what people from Bergen are like and why the city produces such good beats. “People make a joke that the reason why there is so much good music coming out of Bergen is because it’s raining so much,” says Payday. “I would like to disagree with that statement but it kind of low-key feels like it's true.”

Watch the video here: