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Video: The one thing Gucci Westman wish she knew before entering the beauty world

By Vogue Scandinavia

A veteran in the beauty industry, here Vogue Scandinavia's beauty expert Gucci Westman shares lessons she has learned throughout her life and career, alongside what she wishes she would've known when she was younger

“You are as beautiful as you feel inside,” says Vogue Scandinavia’s beauty expert and acclaimed makeup artist Gucci Westman. Having been in the industry for decades and founding her own cosmetics brand Westman Atelier, Gucci has garnered extensive experience on beauty and beyond.


How does one become an expert in beauty? What does she wish she would’ve known before entering the industry? And what about the aspects of her life she wishes she had started working on earlier? Looking back at her life and career in the following video, Gucci pens an encouraging letter to her younger self including important advice for self-development, inspiring us to acknowledge beauty from a broader spectrum.

Reflecting on the person she was while she was still finding her way, Gucci breaks down the influential guidance that she has received in life and beauty, taking us through the journey that shaped her career. Tapping into any uncertainties that may have emerged, Gucci shares her tips on overcoming obstacles while emphasising the one key lesson she has learned in life.