Venczel - AW23

By Rebecca Hyde-Price Aggestam

The ultra-modern accessories designer set their sustainable sights on tweaking signature sculptural pieces this season

For their first presentation, the sculptural leather accessories brand Venczel went back to the very core of what they do. Putting seasonal concepts to one side, designer and founder Matilda Venczel focussed instead on enhancing the offerings of old, including long-loved favourites such as the Élan and the Aera S Stripe bag.


This season’s collection looks to reinterpret some of Venczel’s classic designs, whilst simultaneously adding new leather textures and character into the mix. “Collection 10 is focused on the core shapes,” says the brand’s namesake founder. “I don’t think bags and shapes are seasonal and I don’t find it very sustainable to constantly present 'new new new': I prefer to present new shapes now and then, and focus on improving and tweaking what is already becoming our signature bags.”

Embracing themes of structure contrasted with softer, more supple elements, craftsmanship remains at the core of this accessories collection. While the adoption of hues such as bright whites, chocolate browns, off-whites and black shiny leather help to give a contemporary refresh to the structural designs.

But it was their core classic black striped bag which really stood out from the sea of podiums on display at Etage Projects, a contemporary gallery in Copenhagen, with its update of an ultra violet accent helping to add a novel edge. “It’s a lot you can work with colour, texture and different versions of handles. This season we added a contrast edge painted in purple to our black striped bags that are made from production excess, which gives it an even more three-dimensional look,” explains the designer.

See the full collection:

Venczel - AW23