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Uplifting conversations: Vogue editor Tiffany Godoy talks timeless style & timepieces from a Tokyo elevator

By Vogue Scandinavia

As Audemars Piguet’s latest collaboration with 1017 ALYX 9SM launches in Tokyo, Vogue Japan editor Tiffany Godoy is there to surprise stylish guests riding the elevator

If you had to be stuck in an elevator with anyone, Vogue Japan’s Tiffany Godoy would not be a bad choice — she promises to keep the conversation interesting whoever happens to step through the doors. On this occasion, it’s a series of guests visiting The Tokyo EDITION hotel in Toranomon to celebrate the launch of the latest collaboration between horologist Audemars Piguet and Matthew Williams’ studio 1017 ALYX 9SM.

Who rode the elevator?

"I love a heavy watch. Time matters and you physically feel it, you know?" - Xenia.

"I’m in a bit of a pickle, because I actually think I’m really gonna have to get my hands on one of those pieces." - Tamara.

"AP has created such a timeless watch that really can be worn with everything." - Hannah.

I don’t believe in this whole gender-gating watch thing." - The Gstaad Guy.

"Alyx, head to sock. Ankle up is looking great." - Brendan.

Born and raised in LA, Godoy has lived mostly in Japan since the 1990s, bringing her discerning fashion eye to the city of Tokyo in particular. She’s a communicator with a flair, always looking for that element of surprise in what she presents. As a seasoned journalist and editor, she is rarely without her selfie stick/GoPro. And since she became Head of Editorial Content at Vogue Japan in 2022, the recording literally hasn’t stopped.

So, it goes without saying that Godoy has more than a few quick-fire questions ready for the fellow content creators and style curators that joined her for the Vogue short film, ‘The Editor in The Elevator’: Xenia Adonts, Hannah Bronfman, Brendan Fallis, Tamara Kalinic and satirist The Gstaad Guy – whose streetwear loving alter ego Colton takes centre stage this time.

The group was treated to a few days exploring Tokyo with Audemars Piguet; from walks through the city's lush parks to Ryokan visits and Samurai displays, enjoying countless plates of sushi, finding style inspiration along the way and taking in views of the breathtaking skyline from the luxuriously minimalist surrounds of The EDITION. The hotel’s spaces were thoughtfully designed by architect Kengo Kuma, creating a backdrop that naturally aligns with the aesthetic statement of 1017 ALYX 9SM and Audemars Piguet’s collaboration.

Bringing their shared vision for innovation, craftsmanship and refinement, this collection of timepieces combines AP’s near 150 years of horological heritage with 1017 ALYX 9SM’s skill for subversive and emotive design. The collection sees the timeless silhouette of AP’s Royal Oak reimagined as two new Royal Oak models in 37 and 41mm and two 42mm Royal Oak Offshore models, in 18-carat yellow or white gold, plus a one-of-one two-tone 41 mm Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph. The minimalist gold dial of each is imprinted with the signature of Audemars Piguet and 1017 ALYX 9SM, for a piece that will resonate for years to come.

The concept behind what makes a piece timeless is intriguing; is it down to classic design, quality materials, the skill of the makers, an enduring impact, the feeling when you wear it, the stories it holds, cultural or personal significance… For ALYX’s Matthew Williams, “that’s what’s so beautiful about fashion, it’s an all-encompassing medium”. For Godoy and her fellow elevator guests — you’ll have to press play to find out.