Unifrom: Meet the brand challenging the uniformity of traditional perfumery

By Esteban G Villanueva

Photo: Simon Bendroth

Conceptualised in Stockholm, developed in Paris and crafted in Grasse, Unifrom is a fragrance house reconceptualising the way we interact with perfume and scents

What started as a passion project with Haisam Mohammed standing in the stairwell of a high-rise and being inspired by the scent of families cooking, burning incense, and blending spices has turned into something bigger.


Innovation and beauty go hand in hand, it’s the only way for the industry to continue growing as we find ourselves more educated, savvier consumers — nonetheless, fragrance is a faction of the beauty world that has always ridden on tradition and a classic mode of execution. While there has been innovation on the scent profile side, it is only occasionally that we see brands that are changing the way we experience and interact with scent. Unifrom is pushing both angles, the meaning and concept behind the scent profiles as well as their delivery.

Haisam Mohammed, founder and creative director of the nascent Swedish brand, has quite the backstory that makes the brand what it is today.