Trust us, you don’t need another black bag right now

By Marianne Theodorsen

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When it comes to adding colour, accessorising with handbags is the easiest way.

Being someone who is absolutely not afraid of wearing colour, and often looking like some kind of Christmas ornament in the process, I’ve often received questions on how to implement vivid shades in an outfit if one is afraid of doing just that.


I get it. Colours can be scary if you’re into the whole ‘less is more’ philosophy. But the fact is that bright hues are far too much of a mood booster to shy away from them. Trust me. An all-black ensemble is great, sure. But an all-black ensemble with a pop of colour is even better.

So how do you start bringing more hues into your wardrobe? The answer is simple. You can start with your handbags.

I used to work at a high-end department store where I was in charge of the handbag section, and I would witness on a daily basis how the black, navy and brown bags would usually win out over the more colourful ones. Overall I feel like there’s a general misconception that black goes with everything - while a brightly pigmented bag would require more strategy to match an outfit. But this is all wrong.

Digital Influencer and Model Emma wears an all Miu Miu during Paris Fashion week.

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Let me tell you - the only thing that stops that red or yellow or orange bag from going perfectly well with just about anything in your wardrobe is your own thoughts on how one should use colour. You need to tell yourself that a vibrant bag is just as versatile as a black bag, and far more fun. While my style might be more colourful than most, I think we can all appreciate that a bright bag can lift the entire outfit.

If the idea of spending your hard earned money on a colourful bag is scary, I suggest going for a super classic style. Think a Chanel flap bag in bright red, or the Louis Vuitton Alma BB in a vibrant orange. If you are looking to deviate from the ebony norm, there are a lot of great versions to be found in the mid-price range from brands such as ByFar, Hvisk, Staud and Shrimps - and both eBay and Etsy are always treasure chests if you’re looking for unique options that don't break the bank.

Fall can be so dark and gloomy in the Nordics - let’s meet it with just a bit more colour.

By Far green croco embossed leather handbag
Baby amber grass croco embossed leather bag

By Far

Lolita Shearling bag in dusty rose

Stand Studio

Chiquito leather cross-body bag


The Arco small leather and shearling tote bag
Arco shearling tote bag

Bottega Veneta