Katarina Petrovic wardrobe
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Take a tour of Katarina Petrovic's envy-inducing wardrobe

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Katarina Petrovic

Content creator Katarina Petrovic's takes us behind the scenes of her uber chic and minimalist wardrobe. She talks the importance of decent storage, next-level organisation tips and tricks, and the three things she couldn’t live without

Based in Oslo, content creator Katarina Petrovic's wardrobe is all about organisation. Everything has its place, divvied up in segments according to colours, lengths and materials. Adhering to the belief that a wardrobe should be built over time, Petrovic's closet is filled with pieces to wear again, and again, and again. With a strong online following of fashion aficionados aiming to replicate her quintessential Scandinavian attire, it is safe to say that her wardrobe is sure to inspire.


Here, Vogue Scandinavia gets an intimate look into her wardrobe.