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This Nordic company allows you to buy insurance for your beauty products

By Esteban G Villanueva

"And will completely cover them if lost, stolen or damaged..."

Needless to say, beauty products are amongst some of our most valued possessions. Unsurprisingly, they’re also amongst some of the most pricey products out there in the market. While we’re not encouraging you to do the math, if done, we’re pretty sure you’d be surprised on how much of an investment lies within your everyday makeup bag — we did and for once couldn’t believe the numbers.


The anxiety of losing, breaking or having your makeup bag stolen is real. We’ve sure been there and to be honest, the worst part is feeling that there is nothing that can be done. Fortunately that might not be the case anymore. Cue Hedvig Insurance.

Traditionally insurance companies haven’t prioritised beauty products as they’re not seen as traditional investments, Nordic insurance company Hedvig is turning that around and taking care of what the new generation cares for. “No other insurance company in the world cares about writing proper terms for beauty products, even though every 20-something's bathroom cabinet contains products worth thousands of kronors,” says Evelina Rönnung, Global Executive Creative Director at Hedvig. This exact trail of thought is what took Hedvig to restructure their insurance policies and start covering beauty — in all shapes and sizes —, to a point where it pays back up to 100 percent of what was lost in battle. Never again shall we cry over a makeup bag left on the train or a foundation that fell off the bathroom shelf.

How does it work?