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This is how I survived fashion week with just a suitcase full of wigs

By Mona M. Ali
Mona M Ali street style

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While most people change outfits for fashion week, this season, Vogue Scandinavia's diversity and inclusion editor Mona M. Ali focused on changing her hair

People always think that there is a reason why somebody is so fashionable or have such an eclectic personal style. Growing up, I lived in a strict household. So the second that I was allowed to pick whatever I wanted to wear and walk outside in the streets, I did just that. It became second nature to me. I can’t explain why I wear what I wear; there is no particular reason for it. It’s just as instinctive to me as taking a shower every day. It’s part of my routine. There is no inspiration behind it aside from how I’m feeling – If I feel sassy, I dress sassy. If I feel glamorous, I dress with glam in mind.