Kelly Gale

This is the swimwear style that supermodel Kelly Gale swears by

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Ellen von Unwerth

And it is not for those scared of uneven tan

Few can claim to have as much expertise in swimwear as a Victoria's Secret alumni. Former Angel, Swedish supermodel and current Vogue Scandinavia cover star, Kelly Gala has a solid understanding of flattering swimwear, and – good news – her favourite bikini selection is not exclusively flattering for a size 0. With criss-crossing straps marking the waist, we've seen the model sport these elevated triangle swimmers in muted basic blacks and beiges, not to mention shaking things up with leafy palm prints and leopard spots.

However, beware of twisty tan-lines. These scrappy styles are not for those faint of heart – or uneven tans for that sake. If you're not intimidated by the possibility of sporting white lines along your torso, why not try Kelly Gale's favourite criss crossed bikinis for your next jet-setting vacation. Set to be a major trend beyond the summer for beach getaways to come, we suggest you pair yours with denim shorts or loose linen dresses. Or if you find yourself stuck in the city, pair your bikini top with an oversized blazer and let it double as a top on your next night-out.

Below, discover six times that Kelly Gale strapped into her favourite style of swimwear this summer: