Watch The Crown’s Kate Middleton, actor Meg Bellamy, get ready for the show’s Oslo premiere

By Vogue Scandinavia's Video Team

Vogue Scandinavia joins The Crown's Meg Bellamy, who plays a young Kate Middleton in the series' forthcoming final episodes, to get ready for the red carpet in Oslo

When Meg Bellamy learned she beat out thousands of other hopefuls to play Kate Middleton in the final episodes of The Crown, she was working as a performer at Legoland in Windsor. Now she’s a certified red carpet superstar – and her episodes haven’t even landed on Netflix yet.

Moments before she attends the series' Oslo premiere, we tag along as Bellamy gets ready at Hotel Sommerro – Fendi dress and vegan pizza included.

Hit play below to see the full video.

Video: Ole Martin Halvorsen
Retouch: Kiffa
Makeup/Hair: Charlotte Wold / Pudder