Cargos have made a come-back: this is how to wear them now

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: @PernilleTeisbaek

Slung low on the hip and with pockets en masse, these are the trousers of the season

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw stepped out of her Manhattan brownstone in the Y2K essential, cargo-style trousers have been on our radar. While the elevated workwear style fell out of fashion's favour, it has experienced a surprising resurgence in the comfort-driven post-pandemic era, with brands like Jacquemus and Burberry reinventing the iconic pocketed pants of the mid-naughties.


With the reunification of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, the return of two-toned hair, and everyone on our Instagram feeds emulating Destiny’s Child – 2022 promises a cultural throwback to pocket-clad pants. However, the modern take on the trend is a little savvier. Gone is the association with construction workers and the outdoorsy hiking set. Instead, fashion insiders have turned the once 'mundane' practical garment into a must-have wardrobe staple.

Zimmerman spring/summer 2022.

Hermès spring/summer 2022.

Blumarine spring/summer 2022.

The boyish charm of cargos was refined on the 2022 runways. For the spring/summer season, Zimmerman stepped beyond its usual frills and florals to show white cargo trousers styled with a long-sleeve crochet top. Hermès set pockets on everything from leather trousers to drawstring cotton cargos, while Blumarine opted for low-slung waists true to the brand's early aughts style. Even Chanel showed butterfly printed cargo trousers for its spring/summer 2022 collection.

Among the autumn/winter collections, Valentino catered to high-fashion hikers with its 'PP Pink' pocketed pant, while Isabel Marant delivered slim-cut denim cargo trousers with a matching jacket – working just as well for the office as the outdoors. Off-White elevated the style further pairing a thin knit turtleneck sweater with matching greige trousers and coat.

Isabel Marant autumn/winter 2022.

Off-White autumn/winter 2022.

Valentino autumn/winter 2022.

Whether cropped or oversized, patterned or neutral, the multi-functional utility trouser transcended any single occasion. Worn by our favourite fashion crowd to summer holidays and city break alike, we are firmly convinced of the cargo pants sartorial staying power.

Below, we spotlight the three best ways to wear denim cargo trousers right now, according to the Scandinavian style set:

The summer sweater

Pernille Teisbaek in cargo trousers

Photo: @PernilleTeisbaek

Bigger is better, according to Pernille Teisbaek. The Danish content creator nipped out for her daily coffee sporting pockets-a-plenty with cream coloured lace-up leather shoes and a matching summer sweater. Worn with a basic tank top underneath, the laid back styling of this ensemble makes it the perfect effortless weekend wear, with the sweater easily slung over the shoulders for those treacherous, unpredictable Scandi temperatures.

Bettina wool sweater

By Malene Birger

Trouble denim cargo trouser


Square sunglasses in black acetate


Vivienne leather loafer



The city safari

Photo: @tineandreaa

Tine Andrea Lauvli elevated her safari-inspired workwear beyond the savanna, transforming the cropped cotton shirt and beige cargo trousers with a pair of strappy lilac heels and silver jewellery. The airy fabrics and elevated accessories work wonders on any urban safari, searching for the best brunch-spot or open-air café through our binoculars.

Lilita cropped cotton shirt

The Row

High waist wool wide leg pants

Stella McCartney

Devon 115mm satin mules

The Attico

Tom Wood silver hoops
Classic small hoop earrings

Tom Wood


Rural and relaxed

Josefine HJ wearing cargo trousers in the countryside

Photo: Josefine HJ (@josefinehj)

Josefine HJ refined her rural stay with a pair of slim-legged khaki green cargos and a flannel shirt. Only the top buttons were buttoned, showing the content creators mid-riff in an increasingly popular way for styling flannels and shirts alike.

Oversized check shirt


Maesa pleated woven wide-leg cargo pants

The Frankie Shop

ATP atelier Urbino shearling slides
Cream urbino shearling slides

ATP atelier

SIGG Miracle Mug