This is how to get Caroline Bille Brahe's signature Danish mermaid waves

By Esteban G Villanueva

From DIY remedies to her new Dyson Airwrap Multi Styler, top hairstylist Cim Mahony breaks down Caroline Bille Brahe's envy-inducing mane into 7 easy steps

Caroline Brille Brahe is the embodiment of Danish cool. Either casually strolling through the streets of Copenhagen or rushing between shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week, her impeccable style and effortless look is one that one aches to emulate. Here, we sit down with top hairstylist and Dyson ambassador Cim Mahony to break down the key steps on getting the model’s iconic hair.

It’s not a Danish summer unless there is water, swimming and sunbathing, therefore, discolouration from chlorine is a real thing that Scandinavians, including Caroline, deals with. “A simple solution for this, after shampooing, is to take two aspirin tablets and dissolve them in water to create a rinse for the hair that works as a post-summer, anti-chlorine treatment,” explains Mahony. From there, she continues with the styling.

“Pre blow-dry, Caroline uses a microfibre towel – Aquis is her favourite – for quicker moisture absorption which ultimately avoids damage. Then, she just goes in with the new, improved blow-dry attachment on the Multi Styler for a quicker, rough dry, pre-styling”. A pro tip from Mahony is to make sure that, before any kind of styling, the hair is 90-95% dry.

“Next up, Caroline adds a little Earl Grey Blow Dry Spray from Less is More. This heat-activated invisible lotion works for a natural styling effect that, combined with the new waving attachment for the Airwrap, is the key for her effortless waves,” tells Mahony. A new benefit to note here is that with the new Multi Styler one doesn't have to switch barrels to change the direction of the air-flow – just flip the switch and the direction of the air will change.

Another pro-tip from Mahony is to use the cool down button after applying heat: this will seal the shape and volume and close down the cuticle in the hair for added shine. “To give a luxurious finish to the wave, Caroline uses the brush attachment on the Airwrap in cold mode. This stretches out the wave and adds shine to the hair, as well as a light slightly fluffy feeling.” This is an easy way to achieve the much sought-after, effortless '70s look.

“Running your hands through the lengths of the hair is great for delivering a bit of palm oil for shine,” adds Mahony. “If hair still feels a bit dry, rub a little cream like the Lavender Smooth Balm, from Less is More on your hands before running through the hair. And Caroline purposely left her fringe a bit un-styled to add some effortlessness to the style.”

Continuing with the hair, one of the big giveaways of home styling versus salon styling is the amount of flyaways at the roots and around the hairline. A solution to this is the Multi Styler’s flyaway attachment (one actually inspired by a technique Mahony does combining a hair straightener, a blowdryer, a brush and lots of talent) that easily hides flyaways and strays, while still maintaining shape and volume in the hair.

The look is finished off with a very light spritz of superfine hairspray from Oribe. “When spraying, keep the can 20 - 30 cm away from the hair. This ensures that most of the alcohol evaporates before hitting the hair and the mist will spread wider and softer. You want the hair to still feel like it can move and be touched,” ends Mahony.

And there you have it: how to get Caroline's, salon-quality mermaid styling, in the comfort of your home.

Photo: Courtesy of Cim Mahony