Sari pouch by Mehrotra
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How 3 Scandi designers are embracing their heritage

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Mehrotra Stockholm

From upcycling saris to traditional craftsmanship, we explore how three Nordic designers hone in on their heritage

Merging cultures, heritage and background offers an endless source of inspiration, and in Scandinavia some of our favourite designers are well aware of this certifiable cornucopia. Brands who champion this innovative marriage of cultures, are leading the charge for a more intriguing fashion fabric in the Nordics. Speaking to Vogue India's Fashion Features Director, Akanksha Kamath, she says that she finds these brands intriguing. "To intertwine two cultural experiences and bring it to the design table is a tangential creativity that can offer a whole new character to clothes, jewellery bags whatever their medium of fashion," she says.


Brands such as Danish Malie, and Swedish Mehrotra are marrying their individual heritage with India’s rich tradition of craft, technique and textile, in a gloriously harmonious cultural confluence. "I love that the practicality of Scandi design meets brilliant Indian colour in Malie. Meanwhile, at Mehrotra, old things are given new life," Kamath says.

"I have always wondered what to do with some incredible heirloom kurtas my mother has passed down to me. It is important to bring them out of their dust bags and into the light in the form of a basket bag I can take to work or a scarf I can use to cinch a dress."

Mehrotra straw bags

Photo: Mehrotra

Sari Pouches Mehrotra

Photo: Mehrotra