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These limited-edition Tretorn rain boots put a spotlight on the climate crisis

By Josefin Forsberg

Photo: Tretorn

As leaders in wet-weather gear, Swedish rainwear brand Tretorn is paving the way for a "sea-level re-boot"

In collaboration with Tretorn


According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's calculations, sea levels are expected to rise by more than 26cm by 2050 unless necessary actions are taken to stop the ice melting on the Earth's poles.

Tretorn is one of the brands actively changing its products and production to combat the climate crisis. Named Sea Level Re-Boot, Tretorn is launching a limited-edition rainboot featuring its classic design in sustainable and recycled materials as part of its eco-friendly efforts.

Speaking to Tretorn's head of design Carl-Henrik Hallén, the originator of the project rainboot, he tells us that he considers design and sustainability as two sides of the same coin. "I look at it like they're two lanes on the same road heading in the same direction," Hallén explains. "On one side, we're heading towards finding an entirely circular process for our products' life cycles, and on the other, we drive towards creating pieces that will last for generations. Both take us forward, and hopefully, these lanes can meet someday soon."

Photo: Tretorn

Photo: Tretorn

The raw materials used in Sea Level Re-Boot have been carefully selected to minimise environmental impact. "We're always looking for more sustainable material to use in our products," says Hallén. "The boots are made from FSC certified natural rubber while the lining is made of recycled polyester, materials we plan to implement in all of our new products for 2022."

The insole of the limited-edition boot is crafted from 'bloom', a unique algae biomass that harms its surrounding environment when left to grow freely in the ocean. When harvested, it undergoes a plasticisation process as it is put under heat and pressure, making it suitable for water-proof wear. "It felt natural to include this material in a product where we want to highlight the issue of our sea level rising," explains Hallén.

In the design of the boot, however, the devil is in the details. Printed on the back of each boot is a thought-provoking ruler, but not the kind to show us centimetres or inches. Instead, this measuring stick indicates how high the sea is expected to rise due to global warming over the coming decades.

While the boots are raising awareness for climate issues, Tretorn goes beyond virtue signalling, taking action. Joining forces with Sea Life Trust – a charity organisation working globally to protect the world's oceans and the marine life that lives within them – the proceeds from the sales of the Sea Level Re-Boot go directly to Sea Life Trust's important work, including their Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland.

The Sea Level Re-Boot is only the first step in the brand's changing approach to sustainability. Called the Eco Essentials Initiative, Tretorn plans to continue making waves in the fashion industry – one step at a time.