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These are the female founded Scandinavian underwear brands you need to know about

By Loreen

Who knows women’s bodies better than women? Here are three Scandinavian female-founded underwear brands on our radar

Nice undergarments aren't simply a treat for others to enjoy, it’s for us who wear it. In recent years the industry has finally become more aware of this notion and have started to manufacture underwear that looks good but feel even better. This is due in part to the amount of female lingerie-brand founders who focus just as much on design as on comfort. (Finally.)


Here are six of the best selections:


Swedish-bred, Berlin-based designer Sofie Andersson wanted to create comfortable and sexy lingerie, without compromising the planet. Her solution is Anekdot, which uses certified recycled nylons made in Italy, with the highest percentage of recycled fibres and fine quality that they could find on the market. "We are an up-cycling brand and for the lingerie collection we source our materials from precious leftovers from the luxury fashion industry, including off-cuts, surplus, production errors, miscalculations and unwanted or forgotten fabrics due to fast paced trend cycles," Andersson expands. "Our production takes place with local seamstresses in Berlin and Poland which dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, and we use sustainable packaging without plastic."

And the underwear looks as good as it feels. "Underwear is the first garment we put on our bodies in the morning and wear close to our skin all day," she explains. "If you wear underwear that embrace your natural self, I believe it makes you shine a more vibrant version of you. I’m sure that it empowers you to be bold, dare to make things differently, stand up for yourself, see things from new perspectives, trust the core of your being, do what feels right, and make choices that aligns with your true values."

Photo: Anekdot

Photo: Anekdot