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The 5 stylish and innovative shoe storage solutions our shoe expert swears by

By Sandra Hagelstam

Photo: Sandra Hagelstam

Whether you are drowning in a sea of shoes or you’ve Marie Kondo-d you way down to a few precious pairs, finding the right storage solution is something anyone with a shoe collection has faced

Should you keep the box? (throwing out designer boxes never really feels quite right), how do you keep boots in shape? And where to put them all? There are a lot of aspects to attend to when it comes to managing your shoe-drobe.


Taking proper care of your shoes is a vital part of prolonging the life of your pumps, but most importantly - your fanciest footwear deserves a proper display. We’ve gathered the most stylish and creative ways to store your shoes, from wall art, to decorative ladders and stackable shelves.

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