Frida Gustavsson

The striking Viking: Frida Gustavsson on her journey from catwalk to silver screen

By Tom Pattinson

Photo: Kimberly Ihre

The Swedish actress Frida Gustavsson is currently filming battle scenes for the Netflix series Vikings Valhalla in the wet fields of Ireland. But this week she appears on the big screen in the football movie Tigers. Here she talks to Tom Pattinson about grappling with teenage stardom and wielding swords

Frida Gustavsson is talking to me from the apartment in Dublin, Ireland, which she currently calls home. She is halfway through shooting in the fields of County Wicklow – a picturesque slice of Irish countryside where the 2007 romcom PS I Love You was shot. But Gustavsson is not filming any romcom here. She is halfway through shooting the second season of Vikings Valhalla, the spin-off from the Netflix hit Vikings.

The 28-year-old Swedish actress plays Freydis Eriksdotter – one of the three lead roles – but although she’s halfway through filming the show’s second season, Covid restrictions have meant that the first season has yet to air on Netflix. “We’ve been working on this show for a year and a half now. And it's like we have this joke that it's just like it's just like free theatre school for all of us because it feels like it’s never coming out. We’re just running around here being Vikings all day long.”

Frida Gustavsson

Photo: Kimberly Ihre

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