This is the only pearl earring you need this autumn

By Scandi Shopping Space

This week, Nikolaj Storm's pearl earring is what has caught the eyes of the Vogue Scandinavia team

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The timeless appeal of a pearl earring is undeniably undisputed. However, this year-round staple comes into its own as autumn approaches, and Danish designer Nikolaj Storm ensures his pieces are the only ones we need to invest in. With his genderless collections made from silver 925, the pieces are meant to become personal staples to be worn daily. Plus, this particular pearl's baroque style adds a new level of dynamism and detail that elevates and innovates the classic round sphere.

Every piece in your collection should hold meaning and significance when it comes to jewellery. More than just an earring or a necklace, each piece becomes an extension of who we are and how we portray ourselves in the world. And the timeless appeal of a pearl earring lies in its enduring status as a staple. Being passed on from generation to generation, a single little droplet of magic can hold not only sartorial delight but also memories, feelings and emotions.